Facebook – The Price of Popularity

Do brands stay clear of the social media giant, or buck up their ideas? The rise of ‘Like’ farms may be on the wane as […]

Do brands stay clear of the social media giant, or buck up their ideas?

The rise of ‘Like’ farms may be on the wane as Facebook reveals that organic brand posts simply don’t cut it. Since the 1st of December 2013, organic reach has declined by 44% on average, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%. Previously, it was thought that likes were the key to increasing your reach; but not anymore.

But brands can win on Facebook if they have the right content and the bucks to support it!

How to be seen

Brands on Facebook have got a lot to compete with, especially ‘proper’ friends whose posts are more engaging and personally important in the Newsfeed than a brand’s. So, if all your friends post at the same time what chance does a brand have to be seen? According to Facebook, less than 3%.

For years, brands have been spending thousands of pounds creating fancy tabs and making their page look great, but now the best advice is to channel that money into being seen on the Newsfeed, and to spend up to £30,000 supporting each post. This may seem costly, but the Newsfeed is the only place to be seen if you want to reach your target audience. Brands who do invest behind the posts are reaping the rewards.

Capturing audiences

Having been seen, you now need to engage; and content remains king if you want to capture your audience. Two ‘paid for’ posts a week with fantastic content will be significantly more beneficial to your brand than five organic posts a day. Coca-Cola is one of the most successful brands on Facebook and only post around 4 times a week. Red Bull’s four posts detailing Felix Baumgartner’s drop from space reached more than their previous 20 posts combined, because consumers were interested in what they were talking about.

Another interesting new recommendation from Facebook is to stop ‘call to actions’ such as “Like if…” or “Share if…” Phrases like these are detected and pushed down in a user’s Newsfeed; you should not try to force someone to tell your story, just make the content engaging and they will share it without being prompted to do so.

Dos Equis

Take Dos Equis beer and their ‘Most Interesting Man’ campaign. The brilliant one-line posts include no ‘call to action’ but are shared by thousands because of the humorous content. Dos Equis is also a great example of a brand with a fully cemented social media identity. You can see one of their posts, and without reading it, know instantly that it is theirs. Brands need a clear tone of voice and a visual identity to stand out from the clutter.

Your checklist for Facebook success in 2014:

 Fewer, but better posts

 Paid for posts on your target audience’s Newsfeed

 Engaging and entertaining content which is aligned to your brand tone of voice

 Imagery that flows and is recognisable to your brand visual identity

 Less spending on the look of your page and fancy tabs, more on your posts!


Photo credit: Esther Vargas