Putting it clearly: a new look for salt

At salt, we’re fortunate to work with companies and brands who express who they are and what they do in a clear and compelling way.

The best communicators present a strong point of view that cuts through the clutter and inspires others to pass their message on.  We see that with politicians, artists, campaigners and even sports coaches.  When Obama inspired younger voters to say ‘yes we can’; when Bowie encouraged teenagers to celebrate their individuality; when Greenpeace changed the conversation on palm oil; when Eddie Jones somehow managed to win over the England rugby team and the media.

The most successful companies and brands do the same and are never afraid to simplify their communications.  From the corporates that stand out at the World Economic Forum in Davos, to the brands that stand out on the supermarket shelf, all of them share the same characteristics of being clear about who they are; consistent in how they are presented; and courageous in making this simple and human.  Every time a brand says ‘this is my purpose’ or every time a business leader separates themselves from the crowd as a thought leader, there is a business driving positive change through communication.

We try to live by these principles ourselves.  We’ve recently refreshed our brand and updated our website where you can see the range of different things we do as well as our point of view on the world.  We are still learning how to do this as well as the brands and companies we work with, but we feel it is a step in the right direction.