Being a B Corp

Lots of people ask us why we are a B Corp.  Why have we gone to the trouble of certification, of amending our articles of association, of opening up our business to outside scrutiny?

As we come to the end of B Corp Month, here are five reasons we became a B Corp in the first place, and some of the unexpected benefits that have emerged since we first certified in 2015:

  1. Being a B Corp makes us a better business.  The B Corp process forces us to consider questions of diversity and transparency, which has improved our capabilities and decision making.
  2. Being a B Corp sets us apart.  Hopefully one day it won’t, but for now it helps differentiate us from competitors jumping on the purpose marketing bandwagon.
  3. Being a B Corp attracts better staff.  We’re not the biggest company or the highest payer. But we get more than our fair share of high quality applicants, who tell us it’s because they want to work for a B Corp.
  4. Being a B Corp motivates our employees.  We’re lucky enough to employ great people, and they tell us consistently that they’re proud to say they work for a B Corp.
  5. Being a B Corp gives us better customer relationships.  It makes it clear from the outset that we want to help them create substantive change rather than PR gloss, so our expectations are more closely aligned.

We’re just one of a growing number of B Corps.  Danone has announced that it is on track to be certified and Unilever recently added Sundial Brands to its roster of B Corporations, alongside Seventh Generation, Pukka, Mae Terra and Ben & Jerry’s  .

B Lab UK executive director Katie Hill put it very well: “The word ‘revolution’ is overused these days – but with the range and calibre of businesses that are part of the B Corp movement, who are so committed to using their business as a force for good, it’s hard to deny that meaningful change is underway. Today’s most exciting businesses are operating for the benefit of all who contribute to its success – for shareholders and for stakeholders – and as such they are taking responsibility for their broader impact on employees, on communities and on the planet. This is the future of business.”

If you’re interested in seeing whether B Corp is for you, try the free online assessment here.