Finding your audience on social

With the social media landscape constantly changing, it can be a challenge for marketers to keep on top of which audience is where.

We really like this useful report from our friends at We Are Flint, showing some of the latest developments in the digital media landscape.

In an era of distrust (hello fake news, Brexit and Donald Trump), social networks are testing the faith of many of their users. In fact, the research points to a slight decrease in total number of social media users overall (at least in the UK).

There’s been lots of talk recently about the responsibility that social networks have to build trust with and protect their users, with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently writing an open letter to companies like Facebook and Google, threatening them new child protection laws.

Whilst social media are here to stay, which ones endure is by no means certain, and the networks need to take action with their users to make sure they stick around for good.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • YouTube and Facebook growth has plateaued since 2016 while several ‘smaller’ networks saw growth; only 29% of UK adults used Instagram in 2016, compared with 41% now. Likewise, 29% used Pinterest in 2016, compared with 36% now.
  • Despite this, Facebook still dominates all of the giants: 61% of UK and 66% of US online adults use it every day.
  • Facebook, Messenger, and YouTube are the top three networks in both markets at every age group.
Jamie Golunski
by Jamie Golunski