Deep diving into digital at innovfest 2018

Digital plays a huge, almost inseparable, role in our work – helping us amplify stories, build employee engagement and connect with an always-on consumer generation. […]

Digital plays a huge, almost inseparable, role in our work – helping us amplify stories, build employee engagement and connect with an always-on consumer generation. We’re always looking for ways to learn about the latest digital trends and innovations to become better in this space. So when our colleague offered us a two-day ticket to innovfest unbound 2018, we jumped at the chance to discuss the latest trends and disruptive technology with like-minded individuals and brands.

This annual event is Southeast Asia’s largest award-winning innovation festival that brings together stakeholders from across industries and verticals. This year, it was jam packed with back-to-back keynote sessions and panel discussions on AI to fintech, Gen Z to Facebook Chat; but we naturally gravitated to our key focus topic: Digital.

Here’s what we learnt from the top sessions from each day.

Building creative for the speed of people

Did you know: People can read up to 500 words per minute and we recall content faster on mobile – even after just seeing it for 0.25s on our newsfeeds? In this session, Facebook shared tips on how to develop creative assets in an age where information is processed visually and rapidly.

  1. Get personal faster

Over 1 billion people interact with a business every month and 80% of millennials seek personalised content based on their interest, location and habits. Build rapport with your audience through relevant content – more audiences today are open to branded content as long as it resonates with them.

  1. Get consumers’ attention quickly with video

People spend 5x longer on animated than static images. Understanding how consumers’ attention to video varies based on the mindset they’re in can help brand develop creative that follows these patterns:

  • On-the-go content (70%): Happens when consumers are travelling to and from work, or short periods during the day (think: coffee breaks). Great for short-form videos.
  • Lean forward content (20%): When consumers are engaged and more open to interacting with content. Great for interactive video formats such as Facebook Canvas
  • Lean back content (10%): Usually before bedtime when consumers are relaxed and have a stable Wi-Fi connection at home. Great for longer stories and videos
  1. Embrace the change

Ephemeral video is in and it’s growing. When developing creative for this format, the rule of thumb is to design for sound off but delight with sound on. While 70% of people watch IG Stories with audio, don’t neglect the silent 30%. Tell your story visually through captions, emojis, stickers and in all instances, always design for vertical.

The future of messaging

According to Facebook, the average smartphone user has 60 to 90 apps installed on their phone, but launches only about 9 per day. This key insight revealed one thing: users are looking for services to be consolidated. The tech giant is following in the footsteps of WeChat and developing the Facebook messenger app to incorporate a slew of multimedia experiences and even payment functionalities (only available in certain geographies at the moment).

Other than using Facebook to push content to new and existing audiences, businesses can look forward to making personal connections with their customers via messenger, enhancing customer support and selling their products and services within the app itself.

  1. Customer support at your fingertips

Something as complicated as changing your flight the day before take-off can be done within Facebook messenger itself – airlines such as Air France can attend to that request for you within the app, and even sends you your updated boarding pass immediately. As a business, start thinking about how you can up your support game and provide a better experience for the digital audience.

  1. Seamlessly online to offline

Successfully drive online traffic to your brick-and-mortar store through coupon promotion that is easy to redeem and retrieve. Use Click to Messenger ads to send a discount coupon straight to your customer’s inbox. There is no need to email it or download the coupon, all you need to do is to open up Messenger the next time you’re at a store and flash the coupon on the app!

  1. Re-targeting the interested

Continue the conversation with existing customers and potential customers who had previously reached out to you online. Make use of Sponsored messages to re-engage with those who have an open chat conversation with you.

Digital is an ever-changing world, with new formats and mediums popping up just as soon as you’ve jumped onto the latest trend. It was very useful to get an update on what’s working and what’s not, and some of the upcoming trends we can expect. Everyone in the team is looking forward to putting our knowledge into good use on our next campaign!

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By: Denise Tan and Liting Xu