Why are we here: the warriors

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at […]

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at the heart of what we do. We’re expert writers, who make the complex simple and the simple compelling.

But above any of that, we are individuals working in two of the world’s most iconic cities: the UK and Singapore. We’re first-job Gen Z-ers, career-building millennials, and communications veterans at the height of our profession. We’re wordsmiths, warriors, and world-changers. But why are we here?

In the first blog in this series, you heard from the wordsmiths. Now, here are the warriors.


At the root of it, my personal purpose would be based off the Hippocratic statement to “first, do no harm”. This phrase helps to ground me, guiding all I do in life: including being kind in my relationships and interactions; taking better care of our planet; and finding fulfilment in my career by doing work that’s purposeful. I like knowing that my actions, no matter how small, can make an impact.

I don’t want to be the changemaker in the room – as an introvert, I find fulfilment being part of a team that strives to create positive change. Upon graduating University, I worked at a PR agency doing bread and butter communications. These years helped me gain an understanding of the industry and the importance of telling a great story, but after a while I felt I needed something more: more challenging, more fulfilling, more meaningful. As luck had it, I bumped into someone who was working at salt at the time. The company’s purposeful business model and B-corp status had me hooked. Working at salt gives me the rare opportunity to channel my passion for communications into something more meaningful, with brilliant and bright people at my side who make it a joy to go to work (even virtually) every day. Five years on, this is still true.

Working at salt is both challenging and rewarding, but most importantly it gives me the fulfilment I need, through doing work that has purpose at its core.


I’m passionate about helping people and so for me, fulfilment means making a positive contribution to the world. At work, this translates into helping a business that’s doing good communicate even better.

Before joining salt, I didn’t really know what ‘purpose’ was, but I did know that the brands I engaged with most were doing something beyond just making profit. Having strong sustainability credentials seemed like a natural (no pun intended!) way in, but having worked at salt for two years, purpose has come to mean so much more than just that.

I’ve had the privilege of working with brands that I could only have dreamed of – like the biggest beauty brand in the world, Dove – along with many others who have a vision of a different way of doing business and the necessary spirit to pursue it. I find myself learning more every day, and feel incredibly lucky to work with such a fantastic bunch of true experts in this space.


I arrived at salt fresh faced back in 2011, thanks to my cousin, who landed me two weeks work experience. I didn’t even know what “PR” stood for; I never imagined that I’d still be here nine years later. But what started as slightly unusual levels of excitement at working on toilet cleaning and toothpaste brands rapidly evolved into attending my first UN General Assembly in 2015; campaigning for toilets, taps and toothbrushes.

I’ve tried – and failed – to leave salt three or four times now. I’m still here because of the work we do, and more importantly, the people I get to work with. I love being part of a supportive team and doing what I can to help us all achieve our best work. On top of that, I can be myself around my colleagues, and that helps to create great work.

Salt’s purpose, helping businesses and brands create positive change, has shaped almost a decade of my life so far. I expect this will continue for some time longer – it’s encouraging to see the sustainability-driven, purpose led business we have been advocating for gradually becoming the status quo.