Why are we here: the wordsmiths

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at […]

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at the heart of what we do. We’re expert writers, who make the complex simple and the simple compelling.

But above any of that, we are individuals working in two of the world’s most iconic hubs: London and Singapore. We’re first-job Gen Z-ers, career-building millennials, and communications veterans at the height of our profession. We’re wordsmiths, warriors, and world-changers. But why are we here?

In this short blog series, you’ll hear from some of our team on what drives them, how they came to work in the industry, and how their personal purpose aligns with salt’s own. First up: meet the wordsmiths.


I’ve always believed in the power of words: to make people cry, believe, act, and change. Having studied English Literature and Language at University, with a particular love for poetry, I think that purposeful comms is all about powerful words.

Beyond that, I’m driven by complication. I love working with complicated companies and brands that want to do more good in the world, but are stuck. By combining strategic creativity with experience and passion, I look to make the world a little bit better in whatever way I can.

My journey with salt has been one of constant learning and evolving. I’ve been able to forge my own path, work with massive clients, and stretch my strategic deep-thinking in a highly supportive culture. I started in London, before taking the leap across to Singapore to set up our new overseas office. Andy turned to me and said “give it a go, and if it doesn’t work, please just come home”. Seven years later, I’ve finally returned to London as CSO.

My personal purpose and salt’s purpose couldn’t be closer aligned. That’s why I’ve been here for 14 years, and why I love what I do.


I love the power of words and communication, and I’ve always strived to use language as a means of engaging, inspiring and educating people. At school I was the student who was excited by essay assignments, but I also became drawn to the idea of being an artist, so spent two years studying photography (only to find out I wasn’t very good at it). Through a trial and error process, including some time spent in the civil service, I finally landed on a career that combined my love of reading and writing: comms.

I met Marianne, and was immediately itching to be involved. I’ve always admired salt because it’s so different to the traditional PR work I experienced previously – so when the opportunity to work here came up I knew I had to grab it. I use my passion for the power of language and storytelling every day in the work we do, by changing behaviours and mindsets through words.


For me, communications is as important a business enabler as the products or services being sold. I love shining a light on what a company is doing well, helping to guide decision-making and build reputational impact, and I’m realistic enough to know sometimes we need to use communications to nudge companies towards doing the right thing.

I love a well-written, reasoned argument. Leave the waffle, ignorance and arrogance: I want to construct compelling stories, tailored to different audiences, winning hearts and minds.

I aim to help businesses say and do the right thing, and salt is where this feels the most meaningful. I also love the variety – from who we work with to what we do for them, and the culture that is intrinsically genuine and caring. Working at salt aligns perfectly with my professional purpose, but also with my personal one – I want to talk, laugh and have fun – and at salt, I do that every day.