Why are we here: the world-changers

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at […]

At MullenLowe salt, we drive positive change through communications with the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. We’re purpose specialists, with sustainability sitting at the heart of what we do. We’re expert writers, who make the complex simple and the simple compelling.

But above any of that, we are individuals working in two of the world’s most iconic cities: the UK and Singapore. We’re first-job Gen Z-ers, career-building millennials, and communications veterans at the height of our profession. We’re wordsmiths, warriors, and world-changers. But why are we here?

From reading the first two blogs in this series you’ll already know our wordsmiths and our warriors. To round off the series, let us introduce our world-changers.


I’ve always believed it is my purpose in life to be kind to others and the world around me, and working at salt is no different. I find myself increasingly driven by hopes of creating a lasting positive impact, and salt provides me with the perfect platform to do this.

From the unparalleled culture of my supportive colleagues, to our work with some undoubtedly remarkable clients who have the potential to change the world for the better, salt’s purpose is very much aligned to my own. Through playful communications and more serious calls to action, salt has built a reputation based on the foundations of sustainability that, I believe, will successfully withstand the test of time.


My passion is building personal relationships – whether it’s with my family and friends, co-workers or clients – I care deeply about understanding the dynamics of each connection. Knowing other people are happy and thriving brings me joy. Whenever I find myself lost, stuck or challenged, I tell myself to “show up and make the best of it” – and by doing so I fully immerse myself in whatever I am being faced with, whether that ends in a learning curve or building new relationships with new people. With this mindset, I never regret trying.

I love the idea that communications can be used as a fundamental tool to drive change and action, whether in mindset or behaviour. I relate to salt’s ethos of becoming better: it speaks to me in how I do life, and how I want to build my career. Above all, I’m proud that my work goes beyond a single client or product, instead having bigger and long-lasting impact in building a better world.


I want to inspire people to question and challenge the status quo. Why? Because I absolutely believe the world can, and more importantly needs, to be better. That means more inclusivity, diversity, and equality: in access, opportunities and outcomes. We at salt are in the privileged position to be able to think about these issues and the way the world is structured – a luxury that we need to make the most of.

Since I can remember, I’ve looked at this from the people side of things, for example through gender equality. That’s why salt’s ‘change making’ stance really appealed to me. But working here has had me delving into every corner of the purpose and sustainability space, and has taught me how to communicate a desire to make the world ‘better’ in a way that mobilises people and actually leads to action. Capitalism rules, and to trick the system companies need to be able to make a profit while doing good. The world isn’t going to change just because we want it to: we have to take the initiative to get it there.


The ‘next thing’ is what drives me. I’m always thinking ahead to the next question or challenge, and love immersing myself in a new sector, topic or way of thinking. I also look to find and create environments where people can work and think with as little hierarchy and formality as possible. When people are sticklers for behaving in certain ways because they feel they must, it by definition suppresses their natural way of thinking, communicating and interacting. That in turn narrows diversity of thought and leads to predictable and cautious outputs. Giving people the rope and license to experiment and be bold is a driver of the work that we do, the value clients derive from our outputs, and the only way to instigate real change.

MullenLowe salt’s differentiator from other agencies is its purpose – it gives a coherence to what salt is, what it does and why. But the deal-breaker for me is the people. It sounds trite to wax lyrical about the culture and people at a company, but it’s a huge and genuine part of what makes salt, salt.