MullenLowe salt works with Givaudan’s Flavours division on the communication of their new strategic business cycle to shareholders, customers and employees.

Much of the strategy that Givaudan needs to communicate internally is very complicated and our employee engagement model demonstrates how employees can often feel overwhelmed with information. Our approach starts from a consumer communications perspective and ensures that all content is easily digestible and genuinely engages.

“MullenLowe salt is our trusted partner working on our EAME communication”
Dominique Zygmont, Former Head of EAME Flavour Communications

We do this in two ways. First, we make sure it’s in ‘snackable chunks’: short, informative, relevant and thought provoking. Secondly, we pair this with thoughtful design, translating strategy into imagery that helps employees understand and remember. This content is then available in different forms, from infographics to PowerPoint to video.


MullenLowe salt helps the many different functions within Givaudan tailor messaging to their own audiences

MullenLowe salt’s insights into Givaudan’s customers ensures their communications sets them apart from their competitors

96% of survey respondents in Givaudan Flavours EAME said they had a good understanding of the business priorities of the division