MullenLowe salt has been working with Sunsilk for nine years to reach more girls by adding expert credibility to their haircare products. We manage the telling of the brand story through Sunsilk’s Co-creators – world-leading hair experts – through a global newsdesk, delivering bespoke, newsworthy content to Sunsilk markets across the world.

In 2013 we pioneered a unique influencer event that drew international vloggers to a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot in New York with the Co-creators.

“MullenLowe salt executed what was in my head and heart about my vision for the brand.”
Sandrine Conseiller, former SVP Sunsilk

The event gave the influencers an authentic Sunsilk amazing experience that tapped into their own passion points and inspired them to talk about their experience of the brand on their social media channels, generating instant and sustained talkability.

This event is now an annual fixture and generates content for the markets to use throughout the following year, including expert tips, story angles, photos and videos.


Sunsilk has helped pioneer the way Unilever brands work with digital influencers

This influencer event model is replicable and we have repeated it for Sunsilk in the years since the launch event

The 2014 event reached 1.8 million girls in two days through organic social media posts