Corporate Thought Leadership and Partnerships

Our bold platforms and progressive partnerships cut through the clutter and provide unique reasons to engage stakeholders, media and customers.

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Thought-leadership platforms
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Partnership and coalition brokering
Strategic media relations
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Created global thought leadership platform - The Human Age - turning ManpowerGroup into the bellwether of employment trends with a point of view on the future of work. We have worked with ManpowerGroup for 15 years driving brand equity, spokesperson credibility, customer differentiation and employee engagement.


Devised and facilitated an ambitious partnership between LIXIL and UNICEF to address the global sanitation crisis. 'Make a Splash - Toilets for All' aims to bring toilets to 250 million people worldwide.

Toilet Board Coalition

Convened and launched the Toilet Board Coalition: a group of businesses, NGOs, and government agencies working together to develop scalable sanitation solutions.

Global Handwashing Day

Created the strategy and led the roll-out of Global Hand Washing Day, now a United Nations recognised day celebrated in over 100 countries.